Atop a mountain overlooking a peaceful, verdant valley filled with noni trees, John Wadsworth, one of the founders of Tahitian Noni International, had a life-changing experience. From that vista John gained a vision of bringing the blessings of noni to the lives of thousands, even millions, of people. Now that vision has expanded.

Early in the history of Tahitian Noni International, a young pharmacologist in Hawaii, Anne Hirazumi-Kim, became interested in TAHITIAN NONI® Juice after seeing the healthful effects it had on her dog. A world away, Charmayne James, an eleven-time world champion barrel racer, was seeing performance improvements in her horse when she added TAHITIAN NONI® Juice to her horse's daily competition training. Dr. Gary Tran, a veterinarian in Kentucky, began using TAHITIAN NONI® Juice in 1997. Seeing the changes that it had on his and his family's lives, he began using it in his practice. He has used it on almost every animal brought to him—some 15,000 animals—and now recommends it to pet owners all over the world.

Report after report touting the positive effects that TAHITIAN NONI® Juice was having on animals poured into John Wadsworth's office. Finally, in December, 2002, John commissioned a special team to investigate these claims. The result was the formation of TAHITIAN NONI® Products for Animals one year later.

Now people the world over are discovering that the ancient health secret of Tahiti Nui (French Polynesia) blesses more than just their lives; it can also bless the lives of the animals they love. Veterinarians, trainers, ranchers, and all animal lovers from across the globe are finding that TAHITIAN NONI® Products for Animals is the key to improving the quality of life for their companions.

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